An Open Letter to Peyton Manning and Jim Irsay

Posted: February 14, 2012 in News, Sports
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Dear Mr. Manning and Mr. Irsay,

Throughout the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl and now basically every day in this young offseason a familiar refrain has been sounding from all corners of the media world…

The Colts are going to cut Peyton Manning.

I understand that no final decisions have been made and the two of you have much more to discuss before the March 8 roster bonus comes due, but let me cut straight to the heart of the issue and speak the words on the minds of every true blue Colts fan, do not do this.

We all understand that there are questions about Manning’s health, performance abilities and his salary, but it seems that rather than negotiating each side is starting to dig in their heels and prepare for a messy divorce. This is the worst possible outcome and one which will only serve to tarnish the image of the team, its owner and its star player. So let’s just slow down and think this through.

The most pressing issue seems to be the $26 million roster bonus due on March 8. The main issue here is that there’s really no way to know if Manning will be ready to play in time for the regular season by that date. Even though the recovery and rehab is going well, there are still a lot of unknowns on the road ahead. So, with that in mind why don’t the two of you work together to remove this artificial obstacle? What if the roster bonus is suspended with the provision that Manning receives every penny of it if he’s medically eligible to play come the regular season? And Peyton, before you get huffy about not getting the money owed to you, please remember the stack of cash you got last year to stand on the sidelines in a polo shirt while the team you built was falling all over themselves in failure out on the field. Please understand that you owe the fans and the team a little recompense for the debacle that was last year’s season.

Of course there’s also the issue of Andrew Luck and the Colts #1 overall draft pick. In this case the simplest solution really is best, as the Colts should go ahead and draft Luck as planned and sit him behind Manning for a few years as he learns the pro game. Regardless of how good Luck may be no one is ready to play in the NFL right out of college, and there’s absolutely no reason to believe Luck will be even an above average NFL quarterback. Remember how we were all supposed to be counting the rings guys like Matt Schaub, Vince Young and Matt Leinart had by now? Yeah, last I checked that number was the same for all of them and you didn’t even need any fingers to count that high. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and anoint Luck just yet, but if you let him learn from Manning, the greatest mind on the field of this generation, then imagine what he could be by the time Manning retires and Luck is truly ready to play.

Gentlemen, let’s be honest, you owe each other too much to let it end this way. Peyton, Irsay and the Colts drafted you with the #1 overall pick and there were boos because lesser minds thought they should have taken Ryan Leaf. Your rookie season didn’t prove anyone wrong, but the team stuck by you throughout and now look at the result. Jim, rather than being featured in magazines and becoming a minor Twitter celebrity without Manning you would probably be presiding over a perennial dud, and you might not even still be owner of a team the NFL would have moved to Los Angeles when Indy refused to build a new stadium for a bunch of bums.

Look, the truth of the matter is you two made each other, and now it’s time to show a little loyalty not just too yourselves, but to the fans who love this team more than words can express. Let’s go for one more ride and see if we can’t win another ring or two along the way, and when it’s all over Peyton can enter Canton with a horseshoe on his helmet and one team’s name on his bust. Then looking back we can all laugh about the offseason when we thought Peyton was leaving as we tune in to watch Andrew Luck lead the team in a whole new generation of success.


The Colts Herd

  1. jpeeds says:

    THANK YOU! YOU GET IT! scope out my peyton blog if you get a chance…

  2. Nice open letter. Wish the key players in this issue would read it.

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