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First off, apologies for getting this post up so late in the week. It’s been very busy lately, so I’ve been hard-pressed to get this post done. Rest assured though that I am still in the challenge and have no intentions of stopping now!

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Week 3 Day 1: Run 1.5 minutes, walk 1.5 minutes; run 3 minutes, walk 3 minutes x2

This week the program actually takes a bit of  a step back, as even though I’m running the same cumulative amount of time the workouts are actually a bit shorter due to the reduced reps. It’s too bad I didn’t realize this on the first run of the week, because I went back to the big lake and was done exercising after about 1.75 miles. That left me with another full mile to walk and then some, so I vastly overestimated the workout. Sadly the only other viable jogging option I have is running around my apartment complex, and that’s considerably less fun.

Week 3 Day 2: Same routine

Today was not going to be a fun day; Barbara had a sore knee and I slightly strained a hamstring so both of us are hurting. We opted to run around our apartment complex, and as I predicted it was not fun. Between the different route and the pain in my leg my mile splits were way off from the week before, and I’m not very happy with how the week is going so far. Barbara managed to complete the run but her knee wasn’t feeling great afterwards.

Week 3 Day 3: Same routine

It’s too bad we had such a bad jog around the apartment complex Thurs because we’re going to be forced to run it again today. The entire lake we’ve been running at was closed all weekend for a yachting regatta (the 1% ruin it for the rest of us yet again), so we were stuck. I had another slow day and even though Barbara’s knee is feeling a bit better it still wasn’t great. The important thing is we made it through the week, so that’s a win.

The takeaway here is I run like a girl.

Overall I have to admit that this was a rather disappointing week, but I suppose you’ll have that from time to time. The next batch of runs are a bit longer and feel more like actual distance training, so I’m looking forward to putting these short, slow runs behind me. Also, we can head back to the lake next week, which will help out quite a bit in terms of pacing and just generally keeping things interesting. If anyone else is out there participating in the program know that it’s ok to have a week where things feel a bit off, just keep after it and it’ll improve.


Last week the site didn’t get a whole lot of updates due to some pretty crazy stuff going on with my schedule. Even though I didn’t have time to write, I did have time to run, so here’s the Week 2 recap of the Couch to 5K Challenge.

Week 2, Day 1: 1.5 minutes running, 2 minutes walking x6

This week the program added 30 extra seconds of jogging time, but also tacked on an equal amount of walking. When it’s all said and done there was an additional minute of running time compared to last week, and I definitely felt it. I didn’t really change my pacing any from Week 1, and the three-day layoff (I’m not supposed to run Sun or Mon), coupled with the added time turned into a recipe for burning lungs. As I wrapped up the last run I was wiped out, but I’m hoping that it gets easier as the week progresses.

Week 2, Day 2: Same routine

I screwed up right out of the gate today. The wife and I were talking as we did the five-minute warmup walk and we both totally missed the cue to start running. At what should have been the 45 second mark the cheery English lady piped in for me to keep it up, and suddenly I broke into a somewhat ashamed trot. I tried to make up for lost time by running a little longer during the first leg and starting a bit earlier for the second, but I have no idea if I properly made up the missing time. Looking back I should have just restarted the program for the day, but I’m a little late with that solution. Also, a change of venue with more sharp turns led to a shorter than average run, so overall I’m kind of disappointed with how today went. Even though I finished, I could have done much better.

Week 2, Day 3: Same routine

It’s the last day of running this week and I’m determined to come out strong. Unfortunately, nature hates me and greets me with a stiff headwind that I’m going to have to run straight into for pretty much the duration of my jog. There’s really no way to avoid the wind, so I’m just going to make a game out of it. I’m determined to keep my normal mile pace while facing the wind, even though that means I’m going to have to push a little harder. I manage the first mile only one second off my pace, and I actually run the second mile a little faster than normal. I assume it’s because the breeze has slacked off but I haven’t really slowed down. The other big reason is because my wife, who typically drops behind after a couple legs of the run, managed to keep pace with me for the duration, so having her there right alongside pushed me to keep up the pace.


Next week things get a bit tougher, as the amount of time per run doubles even though the total overall running time stays the same. I’m going to have to set a more deliberate pace, which has always been one of my weakest points when jogging. Up to this point I’ve been able to have a short-term runner’s mentality, running fairly fast because I know the distance is short. Now I have to change my thinking and begin to plan for longer, sustained runs. It’s going to be tricky, but I won’t know if I can do it until I try.

Anyone else out there getting involved with the program? I’d love to hear how things are going for you.

Like most everyone, I struggle to get myself and shape and stick with a program once I get started. Every summer I train myself up for football season with jogging and some light weight training, but nearly every year once the offseason starts I slack off and do mostly nothing save a few fits and spurts when I feel particularly schlubby. I fully realized that I needed a program that I could stick to that would force me to exercise long-term, but could never find a program I liked and had no interest in paying a trainer to tell me that I need to workout more. In short, I was doomed to eternally chase my proverbial tail, but even that was more exercise than I was regularly getting.

Things have taken a nice turn though as last week I seized on a blog post from my good chum Pete Davison about how he was using a game he recently played to spur himself to attempt the Couch to 5K Challenge. The quick and dirty is that you basically build up from jogging a minute at a time to a full 30 minutes over a 9 week span. It won’t get me into a marathon, but if  you can keep a decent pace for 30 solid minutes you’ll burn quite a few calories indeed. I decided to join Pete in his endeavor, and recruited my wife to experience the fun as well. I realize that accountability is a big part of the program, so I’m going to provide a weekly post detailing my progress and hopefully serve as at least a small point of inspiration for anyone else who wants to try the challenge for themselves. And if you’re thinking about jumping in I strongly encourage it! Pete and I post all our runs on Twitter and are constantly shouting encouragement back and forth, so we’d love for anyone else who’s interested to be a part of our little runners’ camp.

Starting Weight: 202lbs

Week 1, Day 1 (Feb 14) – Eight 1 minute runs, with 1.5 minutes of walking between each.

I came into the program pretty confident, as I’m used to running a fair amount of distance for football and can usually still run around 2 miles without stopping during the offseason. Still, I was a bit nervous since it had been a few weeks since my last run, and I didn’t know how much cardio I had lost. The runs went well, I jogged around our apartment complex and for the most part felt pretty good. I started to wane on the last 2-3 runs, but I think that was more an issue of pacing than not having the ability. I’ll slow down a bit next time.

Week 1, Day 2  (Feb 16)- Same workout routine as before

The pace adjustment worked wonders, and even though I ended my run winded, I didn’t feel as exhausted as I did after the first day. I’m going to need a change of scenery soon, as running around the apartment is going to get old in a hurry.

Wait, this doesn't seem like the right kind of runner...

Week 1, Day 3 (Feb 18)- Same workout routine as before

Wife suggested we jog around the big lake downtown today, which is just the ticket to breaking out of looking at the same buildings and sidewalks every single day. Also, the lake has a paved running trail circling all the way around, so it’s an incredibly smooth run. The new surroundings worked wonders, as it felt like time just flew by and the workout was over before I even realized it. The only downside to the lake run is that there are a lot of other folks down there, most of them in much better shape and doing much more strenuous exercises. I feel a little self-conscious around them, but it passes quickly as I remind myself that they’re more concerned about their run than little ol’ me, and if I keep up the program I’ll eventually be running right alongside them anyway, and that gives me confidence.

All in all Week 1 wasn’t too bad, but later today I start Week 2 where the runs get a little longer and the distance grows a bit. Still, I’m looking forward to it and find myself actually enjoying running for the first time ever. If you’re thinking of joining in the Challenge and have a smartphone then I recommend this app, as it’s the one I’m using to track my progress. If you don’t like it then there are plenty of other options out there, just search “Couch to 5K” in iTunes and you’ll get plenty of results. Look forward to next week’s wrap-up, assuming of course I don’t keel over and die out there.