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In the midst of finding a new job, preparing to move and dealing with the ins and outs of everyday life I haven’t had a ton of time for gaming lately. That’s sad because Mass Effect 3 is out and I’ve been dying to play it for a while. Actually, my wife has been wanting it worse than I have, and has subsequently declared the Xbox as her own. As a result, I’ve only put in about seven hours on the game, but I’ve been hearing grumblings all over the Internet about the ending. So here’s my two cents on the matter as someone who has loved this series for years but is nowhere near the end.

First off, understand that I DO NOT know how the game ends nor do I want to. Given the general outrage I can piece together what I expect is going to happen, but I’m not aware of specifics. Still, I assume it’s pretty bleak.

My thought on the matter is simply this; have you enjoyed the Mass Effect experience up until now? If so then shut up and enjoy the ride. This is one of the deepest, most nuanced and complex trilogies in modern gaming, with such rich lore and characters that I’m already planning to rerun the entire series at least one more time when I’m done to see some of the different ways things can work out. I’ve become invested in the game’s cast, even feeling bad when I had to break the heart of one former romantic interest in order to repair my relationship with another. I’ve spent countless hours talking to crew members and learning their histories, their hopes and their fears; I’ve struggled over choices in missions where neither outcome was particularly welcome but I was forced to make a tough call anyway. I’ve sent friends off to die and wondered down the line if I made the right call. In short, this is the first franchise that I’ve ever invested so heavily in and felt true ownership of MY story.

With all that in mind, I don’t believe my love for the franchise can be undone with an ending, regardless of what it may be. Yes, I want to stop the Reapers and see the Normandy and her crew land safely back on Earth to a heroes’ welcome. But I don’t expect that to happen, because it wouldn’t fit with the franchise. Mass Effect has always been about the struggle to survive against impossible odds. There have been sacrifices along the way, and I expect there will be more. The “happy ending” doesn’t fit here, it just can’t be that simple. As long as the races of the galaxy somehow hold on, I’m going to be okay, and that’s why I don’t care how Mass Effect ends.

Of course, if the Reapers win and everyone dies I’m going to be pissed, and will be right there railing against it all and demanding the ending be changed.