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Sadly I haven’t had a lot of time to do a proper Broke Gamer review this month, but fear not as Mass Effect 3 and Final Fantasy XIII-2 will get their treatment in the near future. In the meantime, how about a review excerpt for SSX?

“There are some gimmicks, like the wing suit, which do add a bit of extra excitement to the game. Other levels, such as those which require you to stay in the sun to avoid freezing to death or using a headlamp to see the path ahead, are irritating and not the least bit enjoyable. The very mountains that are meant to be the culmination of all your hard work are almost universal letdowns, and what should be the game’s crowning achievement is instead its weakest feature.

“The real meat of SSX can be found in Explore mode, which lets players pick a rider and some gear and drop into any of the game’s 150 events. This is the area where you’ll likely while away the hours, rerunning tracks and coming up with new lines in the hopes of grabbing the shiniest medal and posting the absolute best time or score. Also hidden along the mountains are Geotags placed by other riders, and each one snagged provides a nice chunk of bonus points for your characters. Even more fun, you can hide your own tags, which will continue to rack up points until someone else finds and claims them.”

Be a buddy and head over to WorthPlaying to check out the rest of the review. It’s easier than falling down a mountain.


A funny thing happened on the way to the latest Broke Gamer review, two of the three games on the list for voting were assigned to me for review by another website. With that in mind, I’m proud to present the next game up on the hit parade…

Congrats on the honor, oh character who barely appears in the game.

If you were hoping to see a review of Asura’s Wrath or SSX then don’t panic, they’re coming too! Although you’ll have to check out the full reviews on WorthPlaying, I’ll still provide excerpts over here.


Don't worry, we're getting reviewed too!

I’m nowhere near done playing Kingdoms of Amalur yet, but a review will be coming soon. With that in mind I should have time for one more review this month, so I’m letting the last of the nominees duke it out to see who will be the winner. The plan is to leave the poll open until Friday, February 24 at noon ET, and then whatever game is leading at that point will be declared the victor.

As of right now SSX leads by a single vote (that’s why it gets to have its picture at the top of the post), but anything can happen in the coming days. Remember, the voting restrictions have been lifted so you can vote as often as you want for any of the finalists. Or, if you love them all you can vote for each of them an equal number of times, but honestly that’s kind of dumb. Take a stand already!

Also, if you’re able to donate to the Broke Gamer fund then please do. I’m willing to chip in some of my own money for the next game if need be, but the livelihood of this blog really rests on the generosity of its readers. If you’ve already donated once then I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you are moved to donate again then I’m sure you’ll be richly rewarded in both this life and the next with high scores, infinite lives and eternal gaming fame.

Also, please know that I pre-ordered Mass Effect 3 some time ago, so that review is coming for sure next month without you even having to vote for it. Consider it my way of showing you how much I love you guys, and not the truth of the matter, which is if I didn’t buy that game my wife would probably divorce me and kick me out immediately.